Yakutsk Food Festival, 01-05 Dec 2015

Yakutsk Food Festival Tour

Yakutsk, 01-05 December 2015

Welcome to taste the best Northern Siberian national dishes at 2015 Taste of Yakutia Food Festival in Yakutsk, the coldest city on Earth. Cooked and served by the chefs of 12 city restaurants within the best national dishes competition.

Such a food competition is held for the second time within the annual festival “The Winter Starts from Yakutia.” Last time, dishes were presented by 9 best chefs and tasted by jury members and journalists only. This time, tourists have access to the tasting.

If by any chance you are in Yakutsk, this is the event a must to visit.

Photographs of the 1st Yakutsk Food Festival

Mobile photo credits: Bolot Bochkarev.

The above-published images were taken in such restaurants as:
– The Atlasovs’;
– Chochur Muran Ethno Complex;
– Lainer Hotel;
– Polar Star Hotel;
– Europe Night Club;
– Kruzhalo;
– Tygyn Darkhan;
– Be Happy.

Images from the “Mammoth” restaurant are not presented because of the lack of enough lightning in premises.

The winner of the 1st food festival competition was the “Lainer” hotel restaurant that arranged a huge joyfull presentation.

The first food event was so successful and got positive feedbacks so Yakutsk Mayor made a decision to hold such an event annually.

2015 Yakutsk Food Festival Tour

For a group of 1-6 people.
Each group is provided with a transport, guide, and table reservation.


01 December 2015

15:30 — 16:00 — Picking up Yakutsk food tour participants at hotels. Transfer to the first venue of the festival.
16:00 — Official opening of The Winter Starts From Yakutia Festival and the lightning of New Year Tree on Ordzhonikidze Square.
18:30 — Official opening of the “Taste of Yakutia” food festival at the restaurant of The Atlasovs’ Park
19:00 — Tasting national dishes cooked by the Atlasovs’ restaurant. Along with jury members and journalists.
20:00 — 20:30 — Transfer to hotels.

02 December 2015

16:00 — Tasting at the restaurant of the Chochur Muran complex.
18:00 — Tasting at the “Indigirka” restaurant
19:00 — Tasting at the “Kruzhalo” restaurant
20:00 — Tasting at the “La Fontaine” restaurant inside Europe Night Club.

03 December 2015

15:00 — Tasting at the restaurant of Mandarin Kids Entertainment Center.
17:00 — Tasting at the “Mammoth” restaurant.
18:00 — Tasting at the “Muus Khaia” restaurant.

04 December 2015

16:00 — Tasting at the “Tygyn Darkhan” restaurant.
17:00 — Tasting at the “Makhtal” restaurant.

05 December 2015

12:00 — 16:00 — Taste of Yakutia Food Festival Winner Award Ceremony.
— Exhibition of National Cuisine by the food festival competition participants.
13:00 — 16:00 — Work shops by prominent chefs.
12:00 — 16:00 — The “Winter Starts from Yakutia” Festival’s public city holiday program:
— Stroganina Fest;
— Northern Peoples Sports Tournament;
— Winter Fairy Heroes Competition called “Morozko”;
— Music Concert;
— Jewelry, Fur Clothes & National Crafts Exhibition;
— Frozen Fresh Arctic Fishes & Meat Fair;

Tour Cost

For international eaters, entry is free of charge.

For transfers, you might use your own car, taxi or our car (600 RUB/hour).

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It’s the first time when tourists are welcome to Yakutsk Food Festival and try Siberian national cuisine.