Dog Sledding in Yakutsk, Siberia!

Dog Sledding Tour in Yakutsk, Siberia, Russia

Siberian Winter Adventure Tour with Blue-Eyed Yakutian Laikas, Local Original Sled Dogs, in the Forest and on the Ice of the Lena River.

Group Size: 1-4 PAX.
Duration: 8 days/ 7 nights. We have sled dog tours for 7 days (see the itineranry below) including 1 full day for sled dog training, 1/2 day for city tour and 4 full days for dog sledding through the dense Siberian forest and on the ice of the Lena River to Sottintsy.
Mushing Period: December 2018 – March 2019.
Type of sledding: self drive.
Tour type: winter adventure expedition.
Difficulty level: medium.
Sled dog breed: Yakutian laika, a real Siberia-originated sled dog. Check it on Wikipedia.
Quantity of sled dogs: 6 in each harness.
Sled type: DANLER and traditional wooden.
Warm clothes: fur coat, pants, gloves, and pants are provided, if requested.
Safety: support team on a snowmobile.

Just one week in Yakutsk! You’ll get friended with blue-eyed Yakutian Laika dogs, learn to drive a dog sled on your own, see the beauty of Siberian winter forest, and the majestic Lena River, learn the history and culture of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in the unique museums of Yakutsk and Sottintsy village, experience a local life during overnights in a hunting hut and a traditional Yakut balagan (small wooden house). And try the finest traditional cuisines of the Northern peoples at the restaurant of the “Chochur Muran” ethnographic complex.

For alternative options, please, see the list below.

Yakutsk Dog Sledding Tour Photos & Videos

Dog Sledding on the Lena River to Sottintsy Village

Yakutian Laika. Dog sledding tour in Yakutsk, Republic of Sakha-Yakutia, Siberia, Russia. Photo by Ajar Varlamov/

Photo credits: Ajar Varlamov, our German-speaking guide and photographer.

Dog Sledding through the Siberian Forest

Photo credits: Ajar Varlamov, our German-speaking guide and photographer.

Day Sled Trip to Shaman Tree

Photo credits: Ajar Varlamov, our German-speaking guide and photographer.

Ambarchik Guest House
Video: Dog Sledding in Yakutsk, Russia’s Siberia

7-Day Standard Dog Sledding Tour (Full Package)

Highlights: 7-day standard program includes 1 training day, 1-day training sledding to the Shaman tree, 2-day dog sledding in the forest, 2-day dog sledding on the Lena River, and 1 full day for city tour in Yakutsk.

Tour is arranged upon request. As private guided.


Day 1 – Arrival at Yakutsk Airport by midday.

– Transfer from airport to hotel in the city.
– Check-in at Lena Hotel in town. One night in hotel is required for migration registration in Yakutsk.
– Transfer from hotel to the “Chochur Muran” ethnographic complex, 7 km.
– Brunch at the restaurant.
– Welcome with traditional Yakutian purification & blessing ceremony.
– Meeting Yakutian laika (a local sled dog breed, originated in North Kolyma, Russia’s Siberia).
– Theory lecture about specifics of driving dog sleds.
– Lunch at the restaurant of the complex. European, Russian and Yakut cuisine.
– Training. A guide will show how to handle dogs, put them in harness, and self-drive.
– Dinner at the restaurant of the complex.
– Transfer to hotel.
– Overnight at Lena Hotel in the city.

Day 2 – Dog sledding to the Shaman Tree, 17 km.

– Breakfast in hotel.
– Moving from hotel to the “Ambarchik” guest house on the territory of the “Chochur Muran” complex. Since this day your accommodation is over here.
– Preparation for the first dog sledding.
– Helping to prepare sleds and put dogs in the harness.
– Dog sledding to the Shaman Tree. 17 km.
– Light snacks at the place of the Shaman Tree.
– Dog sledding back to the complex.
– Lunch at the restaurant of the complex. Since that moment, this is restaurant for all your meals inside the complex
– Visit to the “Kingdom of Permafrost” ice tunnel, known also as the Museum of Permafrost.
– Dinner.
– Overnight in Ambarchik Guest House.

Day 3 – Excursion Day in Yakutsk.

– Breakfast.
– Free time.
– Dinner.
– City tour in Yakutsk. Visits to Mammoth Museum and Yakutia Treasury, shopping in souvenir & jewelry shop in the old town.
– Overnight in Ambarchik Guest House.

Day 4 – Two-day dog sledding through forest with overnight in a hunter cabin.

– Breakfast.
– Dog safari to a hunter cabin, 24 km. Hot tea/coffee en route.
– Dinner and overnight in a hunter cabin.

Day 5 – Way back to the complex.

– Breakfast in a cabin.
– Dog sledding back to the complex. Hot tea/coffee en route.
– Dinner in the complex.
– Overnight in Ambarchik Guest House.

Day 6 – Two-day dog sledding on the ice of the Lena River to Sottintsy village, 70 km.

– Breakfast.
– Transfer from the complex to the Lena River by a truck.
– Dog sledding with a support snowmobile. Hot tea/coffee en route.
– Dinner and overnight in the traditional Yakutian wooden house.

Day 7 – Way back to the complex.

– Breakfast in a wooden house.
– Excursion to the “Druzhba/Friendship” outdoor museum in Sottintsy. That’s where Yakutsk was initially established by Russian Cossacks in 1632.
– Continue of dog sledding back to the city.
– Arrival in the complex in the evening.
– Farewell dinner at the “Chochur Muran” restaurant.
– Overnight in Ambarchik Guest House.

Day 8 – Departure.

– Breakfast (take on, if the flight is in the early morning).
– Transfer to Yakutsk Airport.
– Flight from Yakutsk.

Yakutsk Dog Sledding Tour Cost

Winter 2018-2019

For 1 people = 4250 EUR.
For 2 people = 2850 EUR per person.
For 3 people = 2450 EUR per person.
For 4 people = 2300 EUR per person.

In some cases, we provide discount. Write us.
If you can speak Russian fluently, feel free to request your special quote.

Package includes:

– Visa support (the Letter of Invitation, if required).
– Transfer airport to hotel and the complex to airport on Day 1 and 8.
– Accommodation at Lena Hotel in Yakutsk on Day 1. Premium Single Room. W/ breakfast. With migration registration.
– Transfers across the city as per itinerary.
– English/German/French- or Spanish-speaking guide for all days.
– Brunch, lunch, dinner on Day 1-2; breakfast and dinner on Day 3; breakfast, hot tea/coffee and dinner on Days 4-7;
– Accommodation at the “Ambarchik” guest house on Days 2, 3, 5, 7.
– Accommodation in a hunter cabin on Day 4.
– Accommodation in a traditional Yakutian wooden house on Day 6.
– Excursion to Druzhba Outdoor Architectural Historical Museum in the area of Sottintsy.
– Training activities on Days 1-2.
– All expenses related to the arrangment of dog sledding on Days 2, 4, 5, 6, 7.
– City tour with venue entry tickets on Day 3.
– Extra warm fur clothes rental (available only on extremely cold days).

Booking & Payment Conditions

– Booking is accepted, when deposit (30% of the cost) is pre-paid. Balance payment is due no later than 30 days before the start of the tour.
– Payment might be done in USD/EUR/GBP/CNY by bank transfer. Payment should be equal to the amount indicated in EUR.
– Payment might be done in Russian Rubles by Visa/MasterCard online or via POS-terminal at office (bank’s commission is 2.5%).
– Discount is provided in some cases. Write us.
– If you speak Russian fluently, we can exclude interpreter’s service to decrease the total cost of travel budget. Request the quote.

Download the PDF file with above description.

Alternative Options:

  • 2-day dog mushing trip through the dense Siberian forest to the hunters’ log cabin. Description and rates for Winter 2018-2019.
  • 1-Day Dog Musher’s Training School with 17-km dog mushing to Shaman Tree. Description and rates to be approved asap.
  • 1/2-day with dog & snowmobile safari and traditional dish cooking work shop. We usually include such a short activity in a big trip program.


Information by phone:

+7 (4112) 25-99-30 – office.
+7 (924) 765-99-30 – work mobile.

Order your trip via email:

We tend to reply to written inquiries immediately or in the course of a day. If we don’t get back to you during 2-3 days, please, don’t worry. We could be busy with urgent requests or current travellers. Remind us about your request.

Self-drive a dog sled in Yakutsk, Russia. When we say dog sledding, we mean winter adventure!