GULAG Labour Camp

One of many Soviet GULAG camp barracks used by Yanstroy prisoners to construct the road through Olchan passes on the way to Topolinoye in Yakutia, Siberia, Russia. Winter photographs by Bolot Bochkarev.

3-Day Winter Road Trip from Yakutsk, Siberia / Russia.

Unique trip from Yakutsk to Soviet GULAG’s Labour Camps called “YanStroi.” One of the most toughest place for Stalin’s prisoners to work. Its inmates were assigned to construct the road to the North through Olchan Mountain Passes. These camps were located in such remote areas that they managed to stay untouched since the gloomest period of history of USSR.

Accessable in the wintertime. At request only.

Chance to join a group, if visit to a GULAG camp is not enough
  • 28 January – 05 February 2017 – Day in Yakutsk + 6-Day GULAG & Oymyakon Road Trip. Gathering a group of 3-5 travellers to ride on 2 vehicles. Check out the itinerary with rates.

One of many GULAG barracks used by Yanstroy inmates to construct the road through Olchan passes on the way to Topolinoe in Yakutia, Siberia, Russia.

Photo credit: Bolot Bochkarev.

Transport We Use

For road trips, we use Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Toyota Land Cruiser 105, and Mitsubishi Delica. They are customized for the use in extreme cold winter.

3-Day Guided Tour to GULAG Labour Camp

General Info

Group size: 1-3 persons.
Trip Duration: 3 days / 2 nights.
Recommended period: January till the first week of April.
Type of travel: road trip.
Means of transport: Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Mitsubishi Delica or other type of 4wd transport.
Location of the visit: Camps are located between Topolinoe and the Kolyma Federal Road.
Starting point of the trip: Yakutsk, Russia’s Siberia.


– Khandyga (map), the end of the famous Road of Bones, constructed from Magadan by GULAG prisoners in 1940s.
– GULAG Museum in Teply Klyuch (map). At request only.
– GULAG’s Labour Camps (see photos above).


Day 1: Drive from Yakutsk to Khandyga by a 4wd transport. Distance: 420 km. Driving time: maximum 10 hrs. Stops at roadside cafes en route. Overnight in the private hotel in Khandyga.

Day 2: Drive from Khandyga to GULAG’s Labour Camp. Distance: 250 km. Stop at Teply Klyuch, a roadside cafe. Back to Khandyga in the late evening.

Day 3: Drive back from Khandyga to Yakutsk.

3-Day Gulag Tour Cost

Rates for Winter 2017

For a group of 2 travellers = 66 000 RUB* / 1 179 USD** / 1 119 EUR** per person.
Individual = 128 000 RUB* / 2 286 USD** / 2 169 EUR**.

*Payment amount should be equal to the one indicated in Russian Rubles.
**Fixed currency conversion rate, as of March 01, 2017: 1 USD = 56 RUB, 1 EUR = 59 RUB.
Conversion rate includes the beneficiary bank’s fees for foreign currency transaction control and currency exchange.


– English-/German-/French-/Spanish-speaking guide;
– 4wd vehicle with a driver and all transport-related expenses;
– accommodation at a private hotel in Khandyga (2 nights, no breakfast).

NOT included:

– meals at roadside cafes en route;
– breakfast in Khandyga.

Booking & Payment Conditions

– Tour is considered to be booked, when the deposite amounting to 11000 RUB/person is prepaid.
– Left amount is due prior to the start of the tour.
– Payment might be done in USD/EUR/GBP by bank transfer and should be equal to the amount indicated in Russian Rubles.
– Payment might be done in Russian Rubles by bank transfer or by PayPal (PayPal’s fee for cross-border transaction and currency conversion).

Did you know that…

Visit to GULAGs is often ordered as extra day trip within the Yakutsk to Oymyakon private tour.

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Unique winter travel to Stalin Soviet GULAG’s Labour Camp from Yakutsk, Russia’s Siberia