Lena Pillars in Winter

1-day winter tour Yakutsk to Lena Pillars Nature Park on the Lena River. Photo by Bolot Bochkarev.

1-Day Overland Winter Tour from Yakutsk

Duration: 1 day.
Distance: 200 km one way or 400 round trip.
Group size: 1 – 4 people.

Winter Travel Photographs of Lena Pillars Nature Park in Yakutia, Russia

Photo credits: Bolot Bochkarev & Ajar Varlamov.

Lena Pillars Nature Park at YakutiaPhoto.com

See all winter pictures of Lena Pillars at our project YakutiaPhoto.com:


Upon request:

  • Private trips on any day.

Group trips on travelers’ requests

If you’re looking for travel mates, let us know in advance, so we could inform others to join you and share trip expenses. In the meantime, we can’t guarantee a group trip to take place.

On travelers’ prior requests, we gather groups for:

  • 17 March 2017 – international group.

Please, note that the first week of April is the last chance to travel on the ice-and-winter road from Yakutsk to Lena Pillars Nature Park. In the midst of April, ice roads are officially closed.


Round trip distance – ~400 km.
Duration: ~14 hours.
Outdoor temperature: -30C and -45C.
– Land Cruiser Prado/105 for 1-2 PAX;
– Mitsubishi Delica (minivan) for 3-4 PAX.

07:00 – 07:45 – Picking up travellers at their places of stay in town;
08:00 – Exiting Yakutsk.
08:00 – 13:30 – Drive from Yakutsk to the village of Batagai located on the western bank of the Lena River in front of Lena Pillars Nature Park. Road distance is ~200 km.
13:30 – 16:30 – Time in the area of Batagai and Lena Pillars:
– Hot tea/coffee.
– Crossing the Lena River on the ice by snowmobile. Sitting on a sleigh.
– Free time on the territory of the Lena Pillars. Going upstairs to the top view deck of Lena Pillars is optional, but not obligatory.
– Dinner inside the heated guest house.
16:30 – 17:00 – Snowmobiling back to a vehicle. In March-April, the ice road might be extended right to Lena Pillars.
17:00 – 21:00 – Driving back to Yakutsk.
21:00 – Arrival back to Yakutsk.

Timing depends on the quantity and duration of stops en route.

Rates for Winter 2016-2017


Depends on the list of ordered services.


For a group of 4 travelers = 9 500 RUB* / 167 USD** / 153 EUR** per person.
For a group of 3 travelers = 11 700 RUB* / 205 USD** / 189 EUR** per person.
For a group of 2 travelers = 16 500 RUB* / 289 USD** / 266 EUR** per person.
Individual = 31 100 RUB* / 546 USD** / 502 EUR**.

*Payment amount should be equal to the one indicated in Russian Rubles.
*Payment might be done in Russian Rubles by PayPal, and we cover PayPal’s fees for transaction and currency conversion.
**Payment might be done in USD/EUR by a bank transfer.
**Fixed currency conversion rate, as of January 11th, 2017 (includes the Russian bank’s foreign currency operation control and exchange rate fees): 1 USD = 57 RUB; 1 EUR = 62 RUB.

Package includes:

– Off-road transport for transfer en route Yakutsk – Batamai – Yakutsk. Round trip distance is 400 km. Half of the trip goes on the ice road;
– English-, German-, French- or Spanish-speaking guide;
– snowmobile with a passenger sled for crossing the Lena River, 3 km one way;
– entry permission for Lena Pillars Nature Park;
– entrance to a heated wooden house at Lena Pillars Nature Park;
– meals (cooked and packed in lunchboxes by a restaurant);
– warm down parka from the Russian brand “NorthWestFur” (if available & requested);
– Russian-style felt boots (if available & requested);
– hot tea / coffee.

Feel free to customize the list of provided services.


By phone:

+7 (4112) 25-99-30 (work),
+7 (924) 765-99-30 (mobile).

Via email:


We tend to reply immediately or in the course of a day. If we don’t get back to you during 2-3 days, please, don’t worry. We could be busy with urgent requests or current travellers. Don’t hesitate to remind about your request.

Enjoy the majesty of Lena Pillars Nature Park in the winter!