Verkhoyansk & Kisilyakh

Verkhoyansky Kisilyakh Stone Pillars. Northern Siberian Shambala

Trip to Northern Shambala in Verkhoyansky District

We’re disclosing a new old destination, which is popular among Yakutian and Russian travelers, but still remains unknown to international visitors. Next summer we arrange group trips to the Sacred Stones of Verkhoyansky District. Located in the North-Eastern part of the Sakha Republic of (Yakutia), Russia’s Siberia.

Group size: 5 and more people.
Tour duration: 8 days / 7 nights.
Season: July – September 2018.

Tour type: guided.
Activities: road trip, boating, hiking, fishing, sauna.
Difficulty level: medium, hiking experience is helpful.
Tour starts and ends in Yakutsk.

Route: Yakutsk – Batagay – the Tuostakh River – Kisilyakh – the Tuostakh River – Batagay – Verkhoyansk – Batagay.
Logistics: flight Yakutsk to Batagay (round), road trip Batagay to Betenkes village, river journey by boats to the summer camp site with guest houses at the Toustakh River, trip by boat and hiking to Kisilyakh site with a guest house.

  • Batagay (wiki, map), administrative center of Verkhoyansky District;
  • Verkhoyansk (wiki, map), the coldest place in Northern-Eastern Siberia (its warm in the summertime);
  • Betenkes (map), traditional Yakutian village;
  • Siberian rivers Adycha & Tuostakh;
  • Kisilyakh, Sacred Stone People (article on RBTH);
  • Batagaika Crater (wiki, map), Gateway to the Underworld.
Video: Kisilyakh, Northern Shambala in Siberia

Proud to present the the sacred place of Stone People we call Kisilyakh in Verkhoyansky District.

Video credit: Eugene Osipov.

Photos: Verkhoyansk

Verkhoyansk in summer. Republic Sakha-Yakutia, Siberia, Russia.

Photos: Kisilyakh

Verkhoyansky Kisilyakhi, Sacred Stone People. Northern Shambala in Republic Sakha-Yakutia, Siberia, Russia. Photo by Ajar Varlamov.

Photo credit: Ajar Varlamov, our German-speaking guide.

See all Kisilyakh pics on our project

Photos: Batagaika Crater

Batagaika Crater in Verkhoyansky District, Republic Sakha-Yakutia, Siberia, Russia.

Trip dates:
  • other dates on request.

Day 1: Yakutsk – Batagay – Verkhoyansk. Transfer to Yakutsk Airport in the early morning. Flight to Batagay, 2.5 hr. Arrival at Batagay Airport at 09:55/10:30. Transfer to a guest house in Batagay. Time for lunch at cafe (not included). Trip to Verkhoyansk (distance is 72 km, time to drive 1.5 hr). Walking around the coldest town. Stop by Verkhoyansk Stella. Drive back to Batagay in the evening. Time for dinner at cafe (not included). Overnight at private guest house (single/twin rooms with shower room, shared kitchen).

Day 2: Batagay – Base on the Tuostakh River. Morning tea at guest house. Drive to Betenkes, 48 km. Stop by at Shaman Tree en route. Boat journey from Betenkes to the base along the Adycha & Tuostakh Rivers, 60 km, 2 hr. Stop by at Mammoth Hill (one of paleontological sites). Arrival to the base. Early dinner. Overnight in twin rooms in one-store wooden buildings. Shared outdoor toilet, shared sauna.

Day 3: Kisilyakh. 07:30 – Breakfast. 09:30 – Transfer by motor boat/s to Ketet site, 20 min. Hiking to Verkhoyansk Kisilyakh, 10 km. Lunch (packed) at Adycha River’s Kisilyakh. Excursion around Adycha Kisilyakh. Dinner. Free time. Overnight at a mountain guest house. Meeting sunrise ritual.

Day 4: Kisilyakh. Breakfast. Hiking to the highest Bolshoi Kisilyakh (5 km above sea level). Lunch (packed) en route. Dinner and overnight at a guest house.

Day 5: Kisilyakh – Base on the Tuostakh River. Breakfast. Hiking back to Ketet site. Transfer by motor boat/s to the base. Free time. Dinner. Sauna. Overnight in twin rooms in one-store wooden buildings. Shared outdoor toilet, shared sauna.

Day 6: Base on the Tuostakh River. Breakfast. Free program with a chance to fish, trekking, etc. Lunch and dinner at the base. Sauna. Overnight in twin rooms in one-store wooden buildings. Shared outdoor toilet.

Day 7: Tuostakh Base – Batagay – Batagaika Crater. 07:30 – Breakfast. Transfer by motor boat/s to Betenkes, 2 hrs. Time for lunch at cafe (not included). Road trip to Batagaika Crater. Hiking. Free time at Batagaika. Transfer to Batagay. Time for dinner at cafe (not included). Overnight at a guest house in Batagay.

Day 8: Batagay – Yakutsk. Morning tea at hotel. 10:00 – Transfer to airport. 11:55/12:10 – 12:45/13:00 – Flight to Yakutsk. Transfer to hotel in Yakutsk.

Trip Cost:

For 1-5 travelers = upon request.


– Russian visa invitation.
– Air tickets Yakutsk – Batagay – Yakutsk.
– Guide’s service for all trip days (English-, German-, French-, Spanish-, Chinese- or Japanese-speaking)
– All transfers as per the itinerary.
– Accommodation according to the itinerary.
– Meals as per the itinerary.
– Hiking guides.

Does NOT include:

– Flights from/to your hometown to/from Yakutsk.
– Meals at cafe in Batagay (up to 500 RUB/meal/person).
– Accommodation & meals in Yakutsk.
– City tour and other activities in Yakutsk.
– Tips & gratitudes.


Information by phone:

+7 (4112) 25-99-30 (work),
+7 (924) 765-99-30 (mobile).

Order via email:

We tend to reply immediately or in the course of a day. If we don’t get back to you as quick as you wish, please, don’t worry. We could be busy with urgent requests or current travellers. Don’t hesitate to remind us.

To explore Verkhoyansk and its magic Kisilyakh sites is always good with friends.