Yakutsk to Tiksi via Verkhoyansk

Yakutsk - Verkhoyansk - Tiksi Winter Expedition by KAMAZ Truck

North to the Arctic seaport through the coldest town in Siberia, Russia.

Travel along the route of Siberian ice road truckers, i.e. Yakutsk – Khandyga – Topolinoe – Batagay – Verkhoyansk – Ust-Kuyga – Severny – Kular – Khaiyr – Naiba – Tiksi, though you will have more comfort than truck drivers.

Duration: 14 days.
Tour type: expedition.
Group size: up to 4 people.
Transport: KAMAZ KUNG truck.
Recommended period: January to March 2019.
Group trip: February 2019.
Private trips: any dates on demand in January and March 2019.

About KAMAZ KUNG Truck

KUNG is a Soviet then Russian term for a standardized military vehicle module/trailer system.

Main features:
– 6 beds w/ bedding sets inside the module;
– 2 spaces in the cabin for drivers;
– kitchen area with sink and stove;
– heating system with temperature regulator;
– electricity generator (no noise);
– 220 V plug-ins for gadgets;
– fuel tank for 2000 liter;
– many other interesting things.

FYI, the expedition truck is available for driving to other destinations as well. Close to Yakutsk or far away. Doesn’t matter. We can also provide snowmobiles, if you would wish to explore surroundings at the place of overnights. Request your quote, if you like a different trip.

Route Map

Trip Dates
  • Any dates in February and March 2020 for private trips on demand.

Day 1 – Arrival in Yakutsk. Transfer to the city. Check-in at hotel. Meet up for orientation, checking warm clothings, extra stuff shopping and city sightseeing on a transport.

Day 2 – Driving Yakutsk to the Aldan River, 360 km. 09:00 – Leaving hotel. Transfer to the KAMAZ truck, which would be standing on the Lena River. Start of driving from Yakutsk. Crossing the Lena River along the ice road. Stops for lunch, photo sessions and visit to the outdoor architectural historical museum in the village of Cherkekh. Dinner. Free time. Overnight in the truck on a bank of the Aldan River.

Day 3 / Feb 05, 2019 / Tue – Driving to GULAGs, 271 km. Breakfast. Driving to Khandyga, 35 km. Sightseeing in the settlement, including the Orthodox Church on a river bank. Driving to Teply Klyuch, 71 km. Visit to GULAG History Museum. Lunch at the parking lot, 30 km further. Turn to the north. Driving to GULAGs. Observing the camp. Dinner, free time, overnight in the truck.

Day 4 – Driving to Emandja lake through Topolinoe and reindeer herders’ camp. Meeting up the sunrise at the GULAG place. Breakfast. Driving to Topolinoe, 50 km. Sightseeing. Drive to reindeer herders’ place. Time with them. Lunch. Back to Topolinoe and further driving north to Lake Emandja, 150 km. Stop by the meteorological place. Dinner, sauna, free time, overnight in the truck.

Day 5 – Driving toward Verkhoyansk, 631 km. Meeting the sunrise on lake surrounding with mountains. Breakfast. This day we go along such mountain rivers with blue ice as Khatykchaan, Nelgese, Adycha, Tokum as well as abandoned settlements. Lunch, dinner, overnight in the truck. It’s a long stretch, so we can spend night somewhere in-between.

Day 6 – Driving to Verkhoyansk. Breakfast. Arrival in Verkhoyansk, the coldest town on Earth, by midday. Lunch. Sightseeing with visits to the Stella and the “Pole of Cold” regional museum in Verkhoyansk. Comparing the cold weather with previously experienced. Dinner, sauna, free time. Overnight in the truck.

Day 7 – Driving to Ust-Kuyga, 430 km. Breakfast in the coldest town on Earth. Driving to Ust-Kuyga. Lunch en route. Arrival to Ust Kuyga in the evening. Dinner, free time. Overnight in the truck.

Day 8 – Driving to Khaiyr, 180 km. This day we enjoy the ice road of the mighty Yana River, have enough time for photographing the ghost town of gold miners, Severny (130 km to drive to), and see around the existing settlement of gold miners, Kulur (50 km to go). Breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight in the truck.

Day 9 – Driving to Naiba, 200 km. Breakfast in the forest tundra. Driving to the bay of the Laptev Sea through the Omoloy River, along the seashore of Sytygan Tala Bay, 100 km. Lunch stop. Making to Naiba on the ice road. Photographing the sunset over the Arctic village of fishermen. Dinner, free time, overnight in the truck.

Please, note that we have split drive en route Khaiyr to Tiksi in two parts just in case, if snow storms would happen over the bay.

Day 10 – Driving to Tiksi, 150 km. Breakfast. Drive along the ice road over Laptev Sea. Stop for lunch. Arrival in Tiksi by/in the evening. Accommodation at family’s in private apartments (twin rooms, shared WC and shower). Dinner at the cafe in Tiksi.

Day 11 – Full day in Tiksi. Breakfast at apartment. Seeing everything around the Arctic town. With a visit to History of the Arctic Museum. Lunch, dinner at a cafe. Overnight at apartment.

Day 12 – Flight to Yakutsk, 2 hr 40 min. Breakfast & lunch at a cafe. Transfer to Tiksi Airport. Flight out of Tiksi at 16:30. Arrival in Yakutsk at 19:10. Transfer to hotel. Free time.

Day 13 – Day in Yakutsk. It’s extra day in case if there would be flight delay from Tiksi due to snow storm. If everything is according to the plan, our guide will walk with you across downtown in Yakutsk and buy some nice souvenirs from Yakutia.

Day 14 – Departure Day. Transfer to Yakutsk Airport. Flight out of Yakutsk. Back home.

Tour Cost

For Winter 2020

In a group of 1 – 4 people = on request.

*Cost is initially set up in Russian Ruble and payment amount should equal to the one indicated in RUB.
**Currency conversion rate, as of March 12th, 2019: 1 EUR = 72 RUB; 1 USD = 64 RUB.

Group trip package includes:

– visa support (the Letter of Invitation);
– entry permit for the Arctic state-border zone;
– transfers from/to airports in Yakutsk and Tiksi as per itinerary;
– transport for shopping in Yakutsk on Day 1;
– KAMAZ KUNG rental with 2 crew members (main driver + driver assistant);
– English-speaking guide service for the whole period (apart from transfers on Day 1 and Day 14);
– meals in the truck as per itinerary;
– activities and entry tickets to museums as per itinerary;
– sauna as per itinerary;
– accommodation and meals in Tiksi (2 nights);
– air ticket from Tiksi to Yakutsk;
– satellite phone and a GPS trekker.

Doesn’t include:
– air tickets from/to travelers’ countries to/from Yakutsk;
– accommodation and meals in Yakutsk (3 nights);
– entertainment activities in Yakutsk.

Booking & Prepayment Conditions

– Booking is considered accepted when deposit amounting to 30% is pre-paid.
– Paid amount should be equal to the amount indicated in Russian Rubles.
– Payment might be done in RUB/EUR/USD/GBP/CNY by bank transfer (preferable, as it’s your bank’s commission only to be applied).

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