Yakutsk Winter Tour. 2 Days.

Winter tour to Yakutsk, Siberia Russia. 2 days. Photo credit: Bolot Bochkarev.

2 Full Days in the Coldest City on Earth

Extreme cold weather, delicous food, dog sledding, mammoth-aged animals, Lena Pillars Nature Park… Everything to enjoy in Yakutsk, Russia’s Siberia, for 2 days. If you wish to stay more days, just let us know.

We offer various options including the following ones:

  • 2-Day Standard Yakutsk City Tour – Any dates on a prior request. Description and rates on this page below.
  • 31 December 2016 – 02 January 2017 – New Year in Yakutsk + 1/2 Day Musher’s School (Dog Sledding) + Day trip to Lena Pillars Nature Park. Description & rates. DONE. Start planning your 2018 New Year celebration in Yakutsk. You might wish to extend it with (5-day Oymyakon tour ) on 03-08 January 2018.
  • Yakutsk Winter Tour Photographs

    Dog sledding to Shaman Tree

    Photo credit: Ajar Varlamov, German-speaking guide. See more pictures at our online project, YakutiaPhoto.com.

    Lena Pillars Nature Park in Winter

    Photographs by Bolot Bochkarev. See all our winter photographs of Lena Pillars at YakutiaPhoto.com.

    Kingdom of Permafrost Ice Tunnel Complex

    Ice tunnel photographs by Ajar Varlamov, German-speaking guide. See more pictures at our online project, YakutiaPhoto.com. Photo of Yukagir Mammoth head and woolly rhino by the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

    Mammoth Museum

    Photographs by Bolot Bochkarev.

    Restaurant of Chochur Muran Ethno Complex
    Yakutsk Winter Weather

    Photographs by Bolot Bochkarev.

    Yakutsk Winter Video

    Yakutsk Winter Tour in Winter 2016-2017

    2-Day Standard Yakutsk Winter Tour


    Dates: any dates at request.
    Period: December 2016 – March 2017.

    Standard Itinerary

    Day 1 – Yakutsk

    — Arrival in Yakutsk Airport in the early morning.
    — Meeting with a guide at the airport.
    — Transfer to hotel.

    09:45 — 10:00 — Picking up at hotel and transfer to Mammoth Museum.
    10:00 — 11:15 — Visit to Mammoth Museum. Lecture by an active paleontologist, who embarks annual mammoth remains search expeiditions and work on mammoth cloning together with colleagues and Korean partners. It’s the very museum, that discovered the bleeding mammoth in the North of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).
    11:15 — 12:00 — Transfer to the Atlasovs’ ethno complex with a stop at the famous Yakutsk Outdoor Fish Market.
    12:00 — 13:00 — Visit to the Atlasovs’ Sakha ethnographic complex. With a traditional ceremony of purification and clearification. Excursion with a deep insight into the culture and traditions of the Sakha people.
    13:15 — 14:00 — Lunch at the restaurant of the “Chochur Muran” complex. With a chance to taste the cuisine of the North Siberian peoples including Indigirka (salad out of frozen salmon), Stroganina, etc.
    14:00 — 16:00 — Dog sledding & snowmobile safari across the vast territory of the “Chochur Muran” (lake, field, forest.) A great chance to meet and enjoy blue-eyed Yakutian laikas (learn more about this local original sled dog breed on Wikipedia). Warm fur coats and pants are provided.
    16:00 — 17:00 — Late lunch in the form of national dish cooking workshop.
    17:00 — 18:00 — Transfer and visit to the “Kingdom of Permafrost” ice tunnel complex inside Chochur Muran hill. This is the place to observe the unique collection of ice sculptures and the head of the real mammoth called Yukagir. The Yukagir mammoth used to be exhibited in such Asian coutries, as Japan, China, Taiwan, etc.
    19:00 — Back to hotel.

    Day 2 — Day Trip to Lena Pillars Nature Park

    Round trip length: ~400 km.
    Duration: 12-14 часов (depends on the quantity and duration of stops on the way).
    Transport: 4wd off-road vehicle.

    07:30 — 07:45 — Picking up by a guide at hotel.
    08:00 — Exiting Yakutsk.
    08:00 — 13:30 — Drive to the village of Batagai located on the Western bank of the Lena River in front of Lena Pillars Nature Park. Distance is 180 km. On the way stops at caves and cave paintings.
    13:30 — 16:30
    — Break with hot tea.
    — Crossing the Lena River to Lena Pillars by a snowmobile. Passengers sit on a sleigh.
    — Lunch inside a warm wooden house. Food provided by Chochur Muran Restaurant.
    — Free time on the territory of Lena Pillars. Going upstairs to the view deck on top of pillars, if a track is snow free.
    16:30 — 17:00 — Back to a minivan by a snowmobile. Little break with hot tea.
    17:00 — The way back to Yakutsk.
    21:30 — Back to hotel.

    Day 3 – Departure.

    — Transfer from hotel to airport.

    Feel free to order the customized tour.

    Tour Cost for Winter 2016-2017

    Individual = 69 500 ₽ / $ 1 199 / € 1 140 per person
    For a group of 2 travelers = 41 000 ₽ / $ 707 / € 673 per person.
    For a group of 3-4 travelers = on request only.

    *Payment should be equal to the amount indicated in Russian Rubles. We accept Russian rubles by PayPal, USD/EUR by bank transfer.
    **Corrected currency conversion rate, as of January 2017:
    1 USD = 58 RUB;
    1 EUR = 61 RUB.


    – transfer airport-hotel, hotel-airport;
    – English-/German-/French- or Spanish- speaking guide for 2 days and airport-related transfers.
    – entry tickets to Mammoth Museum, the Atlasovs’ Complex, Kingdom of Permafrost Ice Tunnel;
    – transport for the city tour and trip to Lena Pillars Nature Park;
    – sled dog & snowmobile safaris on Day 1;
    – lunch and cooking workshop at the restaurant of the “Chochur Muran” ethno complex;
    – lunch box for a day trip to Lena Pillars;
    – snowmobile for crossing the Lena River on the ice;
    – entry to the wooden house to warm up and have lunch at Lena Pillars Nature Park;
    – entry ticket to Lena Pillars Nature Park.

    Not included:

    – accommodation in Yakutsk (recommend Lena Hotel or Bed & Breakfast BRAVO);
    – dinner on Day 1 and 2;
    – Chyskhaan’s appearance (Chyskhaan is the Yakutian fairy hero, the Keeper of the Cold).

    At request, we can include meals and accomodation in the package.

    Frequantly Asked Questions

    What warm clothes to wear?

    – Thermo underwear (woolen, preferably);
    – sweater (thick woolen)
    – scarf (woolen)
    – warm pants (for instance, texapore or thick jeanse);
    – warm high boots (uggi/valenki/fur boots);
    – dawn parka with hood;
    – fur hats;
    – gloves.

    Do you provide warm clothes?

    We can provide visitors with dawn parkas and Russian valenki. If you wish to purchase warm fur clothes in Yakutsk, we can do it. Why not?! It’s also a big fun experience.

    What rate will be just for the day trip to Lena Pillars?

    Please, find the answer on the page Lena Pillars in Winter.

    What else to do in Yakutsk?

    – Visit Sakha Fine Arts Exhibit, Yakutia Treasury Showroom, etc.
    – Do shopping. Fur clothes, souvenirs, diamonds, etc. Frozen fishes?!
    – 1/2-day Ice Fishing on the Lena River. Learn more.
    – Day trip to a traditional Yakutian village.
    – 2-day trip to Yakutian horse breeding farm.

    What month is it better to experience the extreme cold weather?

    Actually from the early December till the middle of February. According to our observation, it’s always the middle of December, the middle of January and the first two weeks of February.

    Is it possible to extand Yakutsk winter tour with travel to Oymyakon?

    Yes, sure. Please, check Oymyakon travel page. We have different options.

    You can also go with us to Magadan, Tiksi, Verkhoyansk, and Mirny.

    Don’t hesitate to request the customized tour from us.

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    Winter tour to Yakutsk, Russia’s Siberia! Experience the extreme cold weather, delicous food, dog sledding, mammoth & permafrost museums, and embark the ice road trip to Lena Pillars Nature Park.