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Top 5: Hotels in Yakutsk, Russia.

Our company, Visit Yakutia, LLC, does usually recommend travelers to reserve accommodation on their own. They can do it pretty quick and they can choose what they like in terms of comfort and prices.

Here’s the list of accommodation our clients prefer to book and stay in Yakutsk, Russia. We learn about their places of stay, when we request details for transfers or the start of the journey.

Top 5

1. AZIMUT Hotel Polar Star Hotel. 4 stars. Business hotel. Located on Lenin Avenue. Free Wi-Fi. Rates are dynamic. When demand is high, they rise up. Constructed in the early 2000s by Serbian contractors. Previously owned by the ALROSA mining company. Nowadays, it is operated by AZIMUT Hotels Network (HQ in Nizhny Novgorod).

2. Tygyn Darkhan Hotel. 4 stars. Located on the main square, Lenin. Free Wi-Fi, parking lot. Rates are fixed for the whole year. Its restaurant is locally famous, as its chef Innokenty Tarbakhov was the first one to promote Yakutian cuisine. Built in 90s and run by the regional government.

3. Lena Hotel. 3 stars. Remarkable for its reasonable rates. Prices are usually set up in January and stay unchangeable for a year. Located on the Main Street, Lenin Avenue, near Ordzhonikidze Square. Free Wi-fi. W/ secured parking lot in backyard. Adventure motor bikers prefer to stay here, by the way. It has a good grill bar called Sherlock Bar. Young receptionists, who can speak English.

4. Bed & Breakfast BRAVO.

Private hotel w/ comfortable rooms at low rates. Free Wi-Fi. Based in the penthouse of a multi-apartment house in downtown. Staff speak good English. Owned and run by an American expat.

5. Visit Apartments.

If you prefer to stay at private places like flats/apartments. This is the option. Its host has a few flats to offer to international visitors. He can speak English himself. Migration registration is provided for free.

When we arrange group trips to Oymyakon or Magadan or other areas of the vast territories of our region, we usually recommend these places.

In many cases, the cheap but comfortable option which is far from the center, doesn’t work out in Yakutsk. The city is small, yes. It’s possible to walk straight to downtown, like for 30-40 min. But, especially in the wintertime with -40C or -50C, it’s impossible to make it to the center by walk. You would need to use taxi every time you would wish to go out. Second, the outskirts of the city are pretty industrial, so no restaurants, bars or interesting venues to check around.

If you’re a member of our group or private trips, hotel location doesn’t matter. We will pick you up from any place.

If you wish to know more recommendation from us or want us to arrange it for you or even more to order a trip in Yakutia, let us know.