New Year Holidays in Yakutsk, Russia

NewYear Holidays in Yakutsk, Siberia, Russia. Photo by Ajar Varlamov

Yakutsk – Sled Dog Safari – Lena Pillars Nature Park – Oymyakon
4/9 days

We continue celebrating Happy New Year with our lovely travelers in Yakutsk, Russia’s Siberia. For the forth time! Join us to enjoy the coldest city in the best holiday mood.

New Year Photographs

Here’re some pictures taken during previous New Year holidays.

Photo credits: Bolot Bochkarev, Ajar Varlamov, Maxim Shirikov.

New Year Fireworks in Yakutsk

A view from the Chochur Mouran hill.

Video credit: Maxim Shirikov.

  • 31 Dec 2020 – 03 Jan 2021 – 4-Day Program: New Year Celebration in Yakutsk + Dog Sledding + day trip to Lena Pillars Nature Park.
  • 04 Jan 2021 – 07 Jan 2021 – 5-Day Trip to Oymyakon, the Coldest Inhabited Place.

4-Day Program

31 December 2020 / Day 1 – Happy New Year in Yakutsk

— Arrival at Yakutsk Airport.
— Transfer to hotel in Yakutsk.
— Free time.
12:00 – 18:00 — Shopping extra warm clothes and city sightseeing. W/ visits to Frozen River Fleet, Fish Market and the Kingdom of Permafrost Ice Tunnel Complex.
— Free time.

Basic activity:

23:00/23:30 — Pick up at hotel. Transfer to the Chochur Muran area.
23:45 — 01:00 — Meeting New Year on a public view point on the right hill of Chochur Muran in the area of the gas-based power station.
01:00/02:00 – Transfer to hotel with stops in the city.

Happy New Year Celebration at the “Chochur Muran” Ethno Complex (optional activity for extra cost):

21:30 – Pick at hotel. Transfer to the place of celebration.
— excursion across the complex to see the unique exhibit of vintage things, archeological and paleontological findings;
— holiday dinner at the restaurant (19 dishes including traditional Sakha cuisine);
23:15 – 23:30 – Putting on wolfskin clothes, hats, etc. Transfer uphill to the top of the Chochur Muran hill by car and snowmobile w/ sledges;
— meeting the New Year on a private view point with unforgettable view on fireworks in the celebrating city. Gluhwien, ice shots w/ vodka, iced stroganina w/ pepper. Traditional circle dance around the bonfire. Hot tea in the hunter’s cabin.
01:00 – Transfer back to the Chochur Muran restaurant.
– The continuation of the New Year night dinner.
02:00 – Transfer back to hotel.

01 January 2021 / Day 2 – A Day with Yakutian Laika in Yakutsk.

11:30 — Transfer from hotel to the “Chochur Muran” complex.
12:00 — 18:00 — Entertaining program:
— time for lunch at the restaurant (not included);
— dog sledding to Shaman Tree, 17 km. With the blue-eyed Yakutian laikas and support snowmobile (the very time to test your gears);
— national dish cooking workshop;
– time for dinner (not included).
18:00 — Transfer to hotel.

02 January 2021 / Day 3 – Trip to Lena Pillars Nature Park

07:30 — Picking up at hotel.
08:00 — Leaving Yakutsk.
08:00 — 13:30 — Driving to Lena Pillars Nature Park. Distance is 180 km one way.
Stop by at places of ancient rock paintings and caves along the Lena River.
13:30 — 14:00 — Lunch.
14:00 — 16:30
— Crossing the Lena River to the opposite bank by a snowmobile with a sledge.
— Free time at Lena Pillars.
16:30 — 17:00 — Break. Hot tea.
17:00 — 20:30 — Driving back to Yakutsk.
21:00 — Back to hotels.

03 January 2021 / Day 4 – Departure.

— Transfer to Yakutsk Airport.

W/ 5-Day Oymyakon Extension

Days 1 – 3 are the same as described above.

04 January 2021 / Day 4 – Driving Yakutsk to Khandyga

Drive distance: 432 km (according to our GPS track), 10 hours w/ meal & photo stops.
Meal time: Breakfast in hotel in Yakutsk. Lunch and dinner at road cafes en route.

We start our journey from hotel at 09:00 am. This day’s activity:
– Crossing the Lena River on the ice road. Stop for the group photo.
– Stop on the opposite bank of the Lena River to overlook the icy river landscape with Yakutsk in background.
– See many traditional Sakha villages. Stops for photo shoots.
– Stop on the bank of the Aldan River for break.
– Crossing the Aldan River.

Overnight at an apartment-based private hotel in Khandyga.

05 January 2021 года / Day 5 – Driving Khandyga – Kyubyume – Oymyakon

Distance ~514 km (according to our GPS track), ~12 hours w/ meal stops and photo shoots.
Meal time: Breakfast in the “Angara” appartment in Khandyga. Early lunch at a road cafe 100 km off Khandyga. Dinner at a road cafe in Kyubyume. Late dinner in Oymyakon.

We start journey at 08:00 am and arrive to Oymyakon late night.

We’ll do stops:
– Before approaching Verkhoyansk Mountains for lunch and photo shoot.
– At the memorial with the Big Cross on a rock dedicated to the victims of the Gulag system.
– Chernyj Prizhim (literally, it means the Black Narrow Pass with the highest bridge on the ridge).
– Kyubyume Fuel Station with the “Cuba” road cafe and the tube where all adventurers attach their own expedition sticks.
– Tomtor village for re-fuel at a gas station.
Actually, we can do many stops.

Accommodation at family’s in Oymyakon or Tomtor.

06 January 2021 / Day 6 – Full Day in Oymyakon

Accommodation at family’s in Oymyakon.
Meal time: Breakfast, lunch, dinner at family’s.

– Experiments with the extreme cold in backyard.
– Visit to the “The Pole of Cold” monument with meeting Chyskhaan, Keeper of the Cold, and receiving the Pole of Cold Certificate from his hands.
– Walking around Oymyakon.
– Ice fishing on the Indigirka River. You’ll see the traditional net fishing method and try to catch a fish with a rod yourself.
– the Sakha Culture Evening in the House of Archy in Oymyakon.

07 January 2021 / Day 7 – Activities in Tomtor and driving back to Khandyga

Drive distance: ~514 km (according to our GPS track).
Meal time: Breakfast at family’s in Oymyakon. Late lunch in Kyubyume Road Cafe. Late Dinner after the mountain range, 100 km before Khandyga.

On the way to Tomtor, we’ll do stop by to visit the farm of Yakutian cows, original Siberian breed (small and steady, and accustomed to live outdoor in the extremely cold conditions). In Tomtor, we’ll go inside the ice tunnel (former food storage) with giant ice crystals on walls and ceiling and walk up on top of the hill to see the whole Oymyakon valley from above. When heading to Khandyga, we’ll see all the beauty of the nature landscape we missed when drove in darkness on Day 5. Arrival in Khandyga late night.

Overnight in the “Angara” private hotel in Khandyga.

08 January 2021 / Day 8 – Driving Khandyga to Yakutsk

We arrive back to Yakutsk. This evening we invite you to have a farewell party (meals are not included) at the “Chochur Muran” ethnographic complex.

09 January 2021 года / Day 9 – Departure.

— Transfer to Yakutsk Airport.

Tour Cost

31 Dec 2019 – 03 Jan 2021 (Yakutsk part)

For a group of 4-8 people = on request (for basic package) / on request (for basic package + New Year Party.)

04 Jan 2021 – 08 Jan 2021 (Oymyakon trip only, no airport transfers)

For a group of 4 – 7 people = GUARANTEED. Description in the PDF file.

We give discounts for early birds and in some other cases. Write us to learn conditions and your quote.

Package includes:

For Yakutsk-part

— visa support (Letter of Invitation, if required);
— transfer from Yakutsk Airport to hotel on the day of arrival;
— transfer from hotel to Yakutsk Airport on the day of departure;
— guide service for the whole period of the tour;
— all transfers in Yakutsk as per the above itinerary;
— entry tickets to one venue during the city tour on Dec 31;
— meeting New Year on a view point on a hill of Chochur Muran in the area of the gas power station (basic package);
— Happy New Year celebration at the “Chochur Muran” complex and on a private view point on the hill of the same name (if ordered; not included in the basic package);
— Activities at the “Chochur Muran” complex on Jan 01, including sled dog safari to Shaman Tree and cooking workshop w/ tea,;
— day trip to Lena Pillars Nature Park (hired vehicle/s en route Yakutsk – Batamai – Yakutsk, snowmobile for crossing the Lena River, entry tickets to the nature park, meals packed in lunch boxes.)

For Oymyakon trip extension

— hired vehicles and all transport-related expenses for the trip en route Yakutsk to Oymyakon and back to Yakutsk;
— accommodation at the apartment-based hotel in Khandyga (no breakfast);
— accommodation at family’s in Oymyakon;
— meals at family’s in Oymyakon.
— the Pole of Cold certificate granted in Oymyakon;
— traditional net ice-fishing on the Indigirka River in Oymyakon;
— Sakha Culture Evening at the House of Archy in Oymyakon;
— visit to the farm with a special Yakutian horses;
— ice tunnel complex and history museum in Tomtor;
— visit to reindeer herders’ winter camp (if lucky).

Package does NOT include:

— air tickets to/from Yakutsk;
— accommodation in Yakutsk;
— meals in Yakutsk (not mentioned in the itinerary) and at roadside cafes en route Yakutsk – Oymyakon – Yakutsk (up to 1500 RUB/day per person);
— personal medical and travel insurance policies;
— extra warm clothes;
— tips and gratitude.


— Tour is booked when the deposit amounting to 17% of the tour cost is pre-paid.
— Balance payment is due no later than 21 day prior to the start of the tour.
— If booking is done less than 30 days before the tour, full-prepayment is required.
— We accept international payments in USD/EUR/GBP/CNY by bank transfer (the bank’s fee is up to ±20 USD per transaction; check with your bank for precise rate).
— When it comes to Yakutsk celebration or the full package, payment in USD/EUR/GBP/CNY should be equal to the amount indicated in Russian Rubles.
– If you order the 5-day Oymyakon trip only, payment should be equal to the amount indicated in EUR.
— We can accept payments also from a Russia-based bank in Russian Rubles by bank transfer or a bank card. No surcharge fee in this case.
– We tend to give discount. Write us to learn conditions.


Information by phone:

+7 (4112) 25-99-30 – office.
+7 (924) 765-99-30 – work mobile.

Order your holidays via email:

New Year in Yakutsk and Oymyakon, Russia’s Siberia! Experience winter holidays in the coldest inhabited places on Earth…