Reindeer Herders. Deep Into the Taiga!

Reindeer Herders. A long river journey deep into the Siberian taiga. Lena and Olekma Rivers. South Yakutia, Siberia, Russia. Photo credit: Alexander Dyakonov.

Reindeer Herders. A long river journey deep into the Siberian taiga. Eco & ethno tour in Yakutia, Siberia, Russia. Photo credit: Alexander Dyakonov.

Summer journey to reindeer herders’ camp deep into the Siberian taiga!

Tour type: guided, private.
Period: July-September.
Group size: 1-2 people.
Tour duration: 6, 8 or 10 days.

Route: Yakutsk – Olekminsk – Kudu Kyuel village – the “Sanya” reindeer herders summer camp – the way back.
Area: Olekminsky District, Sakha Republic (Yakutia), North-Eastern Siberia, Russia.
Rivers to travel: Lena River, Olekma River.
Trip starts and ends in Yakutsk.

Transport means:
– Yakutsk to/from Olekminsk along the Lena River by the “Meteor” passenger hydrofoil boat.
– Olekminsk to/from the “Sanya” reindeer herders summer camp by a regular motor boat.

Travel highlights:
  • The Lena River with Lena Pillars Nature Park (passing by).
  • Siberian taiga & habitable wilderness.
  • Authentic Siberian village life.
  • Indeginous people with rich cultural & historical background.
  • Stay at reindeer people’s summer camp in the forest.
Olekminsk and the Olekma River on the map

Travel photographs

Photo credit: Alexander Dyakonov.

Alexander is historian. It’s him guiding travelers.


Day 1. Yakutsk – Olekminsk. Distance to travel – 620 km.

Journey along the Lena River on the “Meteor” passenger hydrofoil boat. Departure early morning. Arrival in the late evening. Overnight in Olekminsk.

On the way to Olekminsk, we’ll see the famous stone forest of Lena Pillar Nature Park and just fascinating river-forest landscapes.

Day 2. Olekminsk – Kudu Kyuel village. Distance to travel – 170 km.

Sailing on a regular motor boat. Kudu Kyuel village is located on a bank of the Olekma River. Overnight in a private house.

This day is remarkable by a chance to see a true country life in the remotest wilderness. Peaceful and authentic.

Day 3-4: Kudu Kyuel – reindeer herders summer camp. Distance to travel to the camp – 20 km.

This day we’ll go deeper into the Siberian taiga and travel across the territory belonged to the Evenk community of reindeer herders called “Sanya.”

Herders will show their reindeer, the camp, hunting & fishing area. We’ll have an unique chance to try our best in hunting and fishing as well.

Overnights in tents.

Day 5: The way back to Olekminsk. Overnight in Olekminsk.

Day 6: Olekminsk – Yakutsk. Return to Yakutsk in the evening.


We prefer to customize the tour and its price.

Duration might be 6, 8 or 10 days.

Basic components:

  • Travel Yakutsk – Olekminsk by a hydrofoil boat.
  • Travel Olekminsk – Kudu Kyuel by a motor boat.
  • 2-day visit to the “Sanya” reindeer herders camp with the use of a motor boat.
  • Meals for travelers and a guide (currently, it’s min. 1000 RUB/day/person.
  • Russian-speaking guide (6000 RUB/day).
  • Letter of invitation.
  • Travel arrangement service fee.
  • VAT/tax.
Booking & payment conditions

Once the tour itinerary and its price are confirmed by travellers, we send the invoice for pre-payment.

Please, note:

– Tour is done privately upon request.
– Booking is considered to be done, when the full balance payment is done.
– Payment is accepted in RUB/USD/EUR/GBP/CNY by bank transfer.

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