Irkutsk – Yakutsk – Magadan Tour

IRKUTSK – YAKUTSK – MAGADAN ROAD TRIP. Lake Baikal – Lena Pillars on the Lena River – Okhotsk Sea. Authentic Siberia & the Far East in Russia! So, here we go. We welcome travellers, who have a strong desire to embark a fascinating road trip with us from Lake Baikal to the Sea of Okhotsk through the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the biggest Russian region. A big journey in Siberia! Travel Photographs Lake Baikal in Irkutsk Oblast: Photo credits: Artem […]

Yakutsk – Magadan. Kolyma Highway

YAKUTSK – MAGADAN ROAD TRIP ON KOLYMA HIGHWAY (ROAD OF BONES) Overland travel in summer-autumn This warm period we continue arranging road trips on Kolyma Highway from Yakutsk to Magadan or backward. Yes, it’s on Stalin’s Road of Bones in Russia’s Siberia. RANDOM TRAVEL PHOTOS Kolyma Highway (Road of Bones) in Summer In above photos, you might see such parts of the M56 Kolyma Highway as: – Tattinsky district with statues by the road; – mountain passes in Verkhoyansk Range; […]