Yakutsk – Lenskie Sheki Southern Lena River Cruise

Lenskie Sheki aka Lena River Cheeks on the Lena River in Irkutsk Oblast, Siberia, Russia. Photo by Alexey Zuev.

12 days by the “Demian Bednyj” river cruise ship in Southern Yakutia, Russia’s Siberia.

We are disclosing the cruise which became extremely popular among Russian travelers last years. It takes place once a year in the early September from Yakutsk to the source of the Lena River through the southern part of Republic Sakha-Yakutia and partly Irkutsk Oblast.

Southern Lena River Cruise is remarkable for Siberian forest wilderness, authentic villages, important river ports, history-rich areas, and definitely for the final destination, which is Lenskie Sheki, three long huge stone walls along the narrowest part of the river.

Lenskie Sheki stands for Lena River Cheeks in Russian.


03 – 14 September 2018.


– Sottintsy Architecture & Culture Outdoor Museum.
– Lena Pillars Nature Park.
– Lensk, the biggest river port in the Southern part of the Lena River.
– Bus excursion to Mirny, the capital of Russian diamond industry.
– Vitim town and the mouth of the Vitim River.
– Lenskie Sheki, nature monument in the narrowest river part.
– Olekminsk, town founded as a postal delivery post in 1635.
– The Buotama River with Canadian wood bison breeding pasture.
– Stops at picturesque places.
– Many lectures from Yakutian scientists and experts.

Cruise Photographs: the Lena River between Yakutsk and Lenskie Sheki

Cruise Yakutsk to Lenskie Sheki on the Lena River. Through South Yakutia to Irkutsk Oblast. Siberia, Russia. Photo by Alexey Zuev.

Please, read captions to identify places.

Photo credits: Alexey Zuev.

Cruise Photographs: Lena Pillars Nature Park

Photo credits: Bolot Bochkarev.

Cruise Photographs: Buotama River & Wooden Bison

Photo credits: Bolot Bochkarev.

Cabin Photographs:

Please, read captions to identify cabin categories.

Cruise Spreadsheet (PDF)

2018 Southern Lena River Cruise – Details, itinerary, rates, ship scheme in English.


DAY 1 – YAKUTSK – SOTTINTSY. Group transfer airport to the ship. 05:30 – 12:00 – Check-in on-board. 12:30 – Departure from Yakutsk River Port. Lunch. Stop for visit to the Friendship Outdoor Architecture & Culture Museum. Transfer from the ship to the museum is done by buses and minivans. Free time on a bank of the Lena River.

DAY 2 – LENA PILLARS NATURE PARK. Greeting traditional ritual on a bank. Ascending to the observation deck on Lena Pillars. Free time on the bank.

DAY 3 – NON-STOP. Activities and lectures on-board.

DAY 4 – DAPPARAI. Stop at a picturesque place close to the village of Kyllakh, which was reconstructed completely after the devastating flood ten years ago. Folk concert. Free time on the river bank.

DAY 5 – MOUTH OF THE URA RIVER. Stop at the bank near the mouth of the mountain river called Ura (Hooray), that is remarkable for loud fast waters, fish rich and two splendid rocks Kolokol (Bell) and Kamennaya (Stony). The Ura is located right in the middle between the source and mouth of the Lena River. Free time on the bank. Fishing.

DAY 6 – LENSK – MIRNY – LENSK. Stop at Lensk town. Bus excursion from Lensk to Mirny (at additional cost). Lensk is the river port town which is actively used for delivering all major provision and cargo to Mirny, the city of ALROSA’s diamond mining. Excursion participants will try to visit all major places of the Russian diamond capital. They are the MIR mine (kimberlite diamond pipe “Peace”) view deck, the First Truck Drivers Stella with the Mirny city entrance sign, the “Vilyuysky Ring” Architectural Memorial Complex (statue to the reindeer herder who showed the diamond-rich place to Russian geologists), Three Swords Square, Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, ALROSA’s Museum of Diamond Mining History, Kimberlite Museum.

DAY 7 – VITIM TOWN. Walking excursion across the town. Visit to Museum of History at a local lyceum. Vitim is the town with 4500 people. Founded in front of the mouth of the Vitim River as the base for gold miners heading to the gold deposit discovered in 1863. Currently, it’s populated mostly by the workers of the Talakan oil & natural gas industry.

DAY 8 – LENSKIE SHEKI. Free time at Lenskie Sheki, 172 south off the Vitim River. These are three huge long stone walls 200 m toll. Located in the narrowest pass of the Lena River, where width is close to 200 m.

DAY 9 – LENSK. Town sightseeing by walk. With visit to Saint Innokenty Orthodox Temple. Lensk is the fifth largest town in Republic Sakha-Yakutia. Population is 25000 people. Initially, it was founded in the 18th century as a postal delivery stop between Irkutsk and Yakutsk. Now it’s the river gate to the diamond industry.

DAY 10 – OLEKMINSK. Bus excursion across the town. With observation of authentic buildings constructed by Russian old believers, who were exiled two centuries ago. Current population is about 9500 people.

DAY 11 – BUOTAMA RIVER. Visit to Canadian wood bison breeding territory. Led and lectured by a farm worker.

DAY 12 – YAKUTSK. 05:00 – Arrival back to Yakutsk River Port. Breakfast. Group transfer to airport / hotels.

Cruise Prices for 2018

Four-Bed Standard Cabin:

Four standard beds. Common air condition is available. WC in the cabin. 18 such cabins on the ship.

217 800 RUB/cabin if 2 people in the cabin
247 500 RUB/cabin if 3 people in the cabin
277 200 RUB/cabin if 4 people in the cabin

Twin Standard Cabin & Triple-Bed Standard Cabin

Three standard beds (one of them is upper). Common air condition is available. WC in the cabin. 31 cabins on the ship.

158 400 RUB/cabin if 1 person in the cabin
217 800 RUB/cabin if 2 people in the cabin
240 900 RUB/cabin if 3 people in the cabin

Single Standard Cabin with Additional Upper Bed

One standard bed plus one hidden in the wall. Common air condition is available. WC in the cabin. 6 such cabins on the ship.

132 000 RUB/cabin, if single
178 200 RUB/cabin, if 2 people in the cabin

De Luxe (DBL)

One room. TV set, personal air condition, mini refrigerator. WC in the cabin. 8 cabins on the ship.

171 600 RUB/cabin, if single
244 200 RUB/cabin, if a couple in the cabin

Luxe Suite (DBL)

Two rooms, 1 queen sized bed. TV set, personal AC in each room, mini refrigerator. WC in the cabin. 3 cabins on the ship.

314 160 RUB/cabin, if single or couple in the cabin


  • cabin;
  • meals during the cruise;
  • entertainment during the cruise;
  • day group tour Lensk to Mirny;
  • group bus transfers (one transfer from airport to hotel/ship and one transfer from the ship to airport/hotel);
  • visa invitation (Letter of Invitation).


  • Cabins are sold as the whole. By cabins.
  • If booking is done till March 2018 and full pre-payment is completed within 1.5-week since the date of invoice issue, 12% discount is granted.
  • If booking is done in Spring-Summer 2018, full pre-payment is required.
How to book the Yakutsk – Lenskie Sheki Cruise
  • Write us. Indicate the category of the wished cabin and the quantity of travelers. Provide your full name as well.
  • We check the availability of the requested cabin. If it is free, we hold it immediately for you for 2 weeks, enough to complete the pre-payment process.
  • We send you an invoice for the pre-payment of deposit or full amount. For the invoice, we need to have a copy of your valid passport, postal address used for billing, contact phone number and email address.
  • Payment might be done in RUB/EUR/USD/GBP/CNY by a bank transfer.
  • Payment might be done in Russian Rubles by PayPal. Please, note that PayPal surcharges for international transaction and currency conversion, and its fee very from 3.4% up to 5.4% + 10 RUB. Also VAT 6% should be paid additionally.
  • When payment is completed and the cruise voucher is issued, we start working on the issue of an invitation for you to apply for a Russian tourist visa at no cost. Please, note that the Russian Consulate issues a tourist visa, when the tour is fully paid.

That’s it.

Additional Services & Tours to Order:
  • additional transfers hotel to ship & hotel to airport in Yakutsk;
  • accommodation in Yakutsk;
  • Yakutsk Guided City Tour;
  • day trip Yakutsk to the Glacier of Lake Buluus and Kyuryulyur Waterfalls;
  • 5-day road trip Yakutsk to Oymyakon;
  • 7-day road trip Yakutsk to Magadan via Oymyakon;
  • 8-day tour to Verkhoyansk and Sacred Stones.

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