Yakutsk Food Festival & Tour. Yakutia, Siberia, Russia.

Yakutsk Food Festival, 01-05 Dec 2015

THE 2ND “TASTE OF YAKUTIA” FOOD FESTIVAL Yakutsk, 01-05 December 2015 Welcome to taste the best Northern Siberian national dishes at 2015 Taste of Yakutia Food Festival in Yakutsk, the coldest city on Earth. Cooked and served by the chefs of 12 city restaurants within the best national dishes competition. Such a food competition is held for the second time within the annual festival “The Winter Starts from Yakutia.” Last time, dishes were presented by 9 best chefs and tasted […]

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Yakutsk Winter Cold Weather. Travel to the coldest city on Earth. In Yakutia, Siberia, Russia.

Yakutsk Winter Tour. 2 Days.

WINTER TOUR TO YAKUTSK, RUSSIA’S SIBERIA 2 Full Days in the Coldest City on Earth Extreme cold weather, delicous food, dog sledding, mammoth-aged animals, Lena Pillars Nature Park… Everything to enjoy in Yakutsk, Russia’s Siberia, for 2 days. Yakutsk Winter Tour Photographs Dog sledding to Shaman Tree Photo credit: Ajar Varlamov, German-speaking guide. See more pictures at our online project, YakutiaPhoto.com. Lena Pillars Nature Park in Winter Photographs by Bolot Bochkarev. See all our winter photographs of Lena Pillars at […]

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Dog Sledding Tour in Yakutsk, Siberia, Russia. Winter Adventure. Photo by Ajar Varlamov/VisitYakutia.com

Dog Sledding in Yakutsk, Siberia!

7-DAY DOG SLEDDING IN YAKUTSK, RUSSIA’S SIBERIA. Siberian Winter Adventure Tour with Blue-Eyed Yakutian Laikas, Local Original Sled Dogs, in the Forest and on the Ice of the Lena River. Group Size: 1-5 PAX. Duration: 7 full days + departure day. Might be shorter, if to customize an itinerary. Precisely, the tour includes 1 training day, 1-day training sledding to the Shaman tree, 2-day dog sledding in the forest, 2-day dog sledding on the Lena River, and 1 full day […]

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Oymyakon Winter Tour. From Yakutsk. Siberia, Russia.

Travel to Oymyakon, Russia

YAKUTSK – OYMYAKON. WINTER 2015-2016. Travel to the World’s Coldest Inhabited Place. Standard tour for Russian holidays in Siberia! In winter 2015-2016, we continue to arrange all-inclusive and customized tours to Oymyakon, Russia’s Siberia. It’s the world’s coldest inhabited place located in the Eastern part of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). Experience Russian holidays in soft adventure tour through the cold Siberian weather. Travel with us! Adventure tours to Oymyakon, Russia’s Siberia, will be done from December 2015 till the early […]

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Yakutsk to Magadan via Oymyakon

YAKUTSK – OYMYAKON – MAGADAN The World’s Coldest Winter Adventure Road Trip Let’s have the greatest fun experience on the winter road trip from Yakutsk to Magadan via Oymyakon, the coldest inhabited place on Earth. In winter 2015-2016, we continue arranging the world’s coldest travel on Siberia’s Kolyma road! Join us! Trip Duration: 1 preparation day in Yakutsk + 7 days on the road + 1 day in Magadan. Group size: 1-8 people. Health limit: please, consult your doctor, if […]

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Yakutsk - Oymyakon - Verkhoyansk. Triangle of the Coldest Places in the World

Yakutsk to Verkhoyansk via Oymyakon

YAKUTSK – OYMYAKON – VERKHOYANSK TRIANGLE OF THE COLDEST PLACES IN THE WORLD Winter adventure overland tour in Yakutia, Russia’s Siberia Tour Duration: 12 days. Group size: 1-8 PAX. Route: Yakutsk – Khandyga – Oymyakon – Khandyga – Topolinoe – Batagai – Verkhoyansk – Batagai – Topolinoe – Khandyga – Yakutsk. Round travel distance: ~4500 km (with all short rides within settlements) The tour starts and ends in Yakutsk. Recommended Period: December – March. Price might be customized at the […]

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One day winter trip tour to Lena Pillars Nature Park on the Lena River in Yakutia, Siberia Russia. Photo by Bolot Bochhkarev.

Lena Pillars in Winter

LENA PILLARS NATURE PARK ON THE LENA RIVER 1-Day Overland Winter Tour from Yakutsk Duration: 1 day. Distance: 200 km one way. Group size: 1 – 6 people. Winter Travel Photographs of Lena Pillars Nature Park in Yakutia, Russia Lena Pillars Nature Park at YakutiaPhoto.com See all winter pictures of Lena Pillars at our “Yakutia Photo” project: http://yakutiaphoto.com/?p=1230 http://yakutiaphoto.com/?p=1714 http://yakutiaphoto.com/?p=906 http://yakutiaphoto.com/?p=1161 Dates: Any day between late November 2015 and early April 2016. Route Yakutsk – Batamai village – Yakutsk. Driving […]

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Ice-Fishing on the Lena River in Yakutsk, Siberia, Russia.

Ice Fishing in Yakutsk

ICE FISHING TOUR IN YAKUTSK, RUSSIA’S SIBERIA Unique Winter Experience on the Ice of the Lena River. Have free four-six hours in Yakutsk, Russia’s Siberia? Experience ice-fishing on the Lena River near the world’s coldest city! Average duration: ~6-8 hours. Distance: 10-70 km from Yakutsk. Group size: 1 – 4 people or more. Ice Fishing Photographs. Winter 2013-2014: Ice Fishing Photographs. Winter 2014-2015: Dates: Any day between late October 2015 and early April 2016. Route Yakutsk – the Lena River. […]

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Reindeer Sleigh Ride in Oymyakon Valley. Republic Sakha-Yakutia, Siberia, Russia.

Reindeer Sleigh Ride in Oymyakon, Russia

Embark the world-class exclusive reindeer sleigh ride through the wilderness of Oymyakon area, the coldest place in Russia’s Siberia. Winter adventure tour for active people! Route: Yakutsk – Khandyga – Reindeer Herders’ Winter Camp in Oymyakon Valley – reindeer sledding – back to the Winter Camp – Khandyga – Yakutsk Duration: 7 days / 6 nights Group size: 1-4 people. Recommended travel period: December 2015 – March 2016. Reindeer Safari / Sleigh Ride Dates: February 8th – 14th, 2016 – […]

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